• Virtualfieldday

     What's up Parents and Students!



    Just because we are all at home doesn't mean we can't have an awesome Field Day!


    I hope you are all doing well.  Below you will find some details on our "Virtual Field Day"


    I will be adding 2 videos each week as a fun game or event that you can try out as a way to challenge yourself and have fun. 


    We're asking that you post any photos or videos of you participating in Virtual Field Day to either of the 2 options below:





    The purpose of Virtual Field Day is to have FUN! 

    Please don't feel any obligation to complete all the challenges, pick a few that look fun, try them all or choose your favorite one. 

    I just wanted to give you all a chance to connect and have a good time - hope to see you on the internet!


    Field Day Directions



    Field Day Games (2 new games each week)


    The Bottle Flip Challenge:


    Paper Plane Corn Hole: 


    Bowl Ball: 


    The Water Bottle Trap Game:


    The Shoe Balance Challenge:

    The Towel Flip Challenge:

    The Paper Ball Trick Shot Challenge:


    We Hope You Had Fun With Virtual Field Day!