• The following businesses have agreed to partner with D5 and publicize their free public wifi to students in need!  The list is still growing as this is an ongoing project!

    Thank you to the following businesses!


    Chapin Baptist Church - 950 Old Lexington Hwy., Chapin

    Chapin United Methodist Church - 415 Lexington Ave., Chapin - Can connect from parking lot near Sanctuary.  Connect to Guest wireless, no password needed.

    Columbiana Mall - Connect to: ColumbianaCentreGuest

    Crooked Creek Park - Please contact for details. - 803-345-6181

    Publix - 150 Harbison Blvd - Connect to: PUBLIX-CUSTOMER

    Publix - 2732 N. Lake Drive - Connect to: PUBLIX-CUSTOMER

    Publix - 7320 Broad River Road - Connect to: PUBLIX-CUSTOMER

    Publix - 1235 Chapin Road - Connect to: PUBLIX-CUSTOMER

    Sozo Family Fitness - 510 Columbia Ave., Chapin - Can connect from parking lot.  Most days from 10-3 there will be a studio inside avaliable with tables to work on.

    St. Jacob's Lutheran Church - 844 Columbia Ave., Chapin - Can connect from parking lot.  Call Rachel Price @ 803-476-8158 for wifi connection details.