• Learn About Career Clusters


    Career Clusters arrange occupations and industries into 16 broad categories according to related skills and knowledge requirements.

    In South Carolina, curriculum, instruction and student experiences are organized according to cluster, providing real-world relevance and pathways to college and career success. Eighth grade students, with help from parents or parental designees and school counselors and career specialists, create an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) selecting career clusters and outlining courses for graduation and successful transition to postsecondary education or the workforce.



           1.  Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

          2.  Architecture & Construction

          3.  Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications

          4.  Business, Management & Administration

          5.  Education & Training

          6.  Finance                                                                                                                                              

          7.  Government & Public Administration

          8.  Health Science                                                                                                                                       

          9.  Hospitality & Tourism

        10.  Human Services

        11.  Information Technology

        12.  Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

        13.  Manufacturing

        14.  Marketing, Sales & Service

        15.  Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

        16.  Transportation, Distribution & Logistics



    Agriculture isn't just farming anymore. Opportunities abound in this wide open field, from working with small animals to designing new tools and machines for farming and processing foods; from sports turf management and outdoor recreation to bioengineering new plant life. Those with technical skills and an interest in math, science, and the environment can find their places in the sun in the Agriculture, Food &Natural Resources cluster.
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    In the building trades, you roll up your sleeves and hold on to your hat, because your work in the field can lead all the way to owning your own firm. Architecture and Construction is one of the last industries in which you can start as an apprentice and rise to the top of the ladder. Opportunities abound—if you’re an artist, you can design buildings, if you like hands-on work, you can make the designs a reality. 
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    The arts are all about self-expression, but unless you refine the techniques you need to get your message to your audience, you might as well be talking to yourself. That’s why the South Carolina Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications career cluster focuses both on the act of creation and on the technologies that make artistic creation and communication possible. Whether you prefer crafting the message or delivering it, plenty of satisfying jobs in the arts exist.
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    One of the fastest-growing and highest-paying sectors of the South Carolina job market is Business, Management, and Administration. Why? Every South Carolina company—from small Mom-and-Pop shops to sprawling manufacturing plants—needs employees with strong financial, organizational, time-management, and communication abilities. If you choose the Business, Management, and Administration cluster, you’ll acquire all of these valuable skills while also building a rock-solid academic foundation in math, science, and English.
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    Everyone wants to make a difference, but teachers may have the best claim to being able to shape the future. By helping children learn how best to make their way through life, teachers prepare the corps of time travelers who will be responsible for mankind’s fate 50 years from now. Granted, that heavy responsibility might tend to get lost in the shuffle of tying shoelaces, wiping noses, and running busy classrooms. Sometimes they just have to settle for the pleasure of working with kids. But whatever their motivation, teachers across the state of South Carolina are enjoying satisfying, well-paid careers in supportive environments.
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    A career in Finance offers endless possibilities with jobs ranging from insurance to investment banking and accounting. For people interested in math, organization, and technical expertise, this could be your ideal career path.
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    As one of the nation’s top employers, Government and Public Administration has boundless career opportunities for people with all skill sets. You can be a city manager, global imaging specialist, security specialist, computer programmer, court clerk, linguist, social worker, and, of course, that little job called President. The list just goes on and on. If you’re comfortable with organization and discipline, and you have good communication skills, the Government and Public Administration cluster may be a good fit for you.
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    Health Science is the fastest-growing sector of the South Carolina job market, and high demand for healthcare workers means their jobs are among the best paying in the state, as well. As the population ages and more people need healthcare services, opportunities expand for employees who like working with people and have mastered the basics in math, science, and communications. You don’t have to go to school for 10 or more years, either—plenty of good healthcare jobs require only associate’s or bachelor’s degrees. 
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    There’s no better place than South Carolina to build a career in Hospitality and Tourism. The state’s natural and cultural attractions draw more than 29 million visitors every year and make Hospitality and Tourism the state’s number one industry. From start-up jobs in restaurants to high-level corporate management of multimillion-dollar hotel chains, Hospitality and Tourism offers engaging, people-oriented work in picturesque surroundings. The ultimate goal is to help people have a good time. 
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    A career in Human Services connects people with each other. Meeting human needs is a part of everyday life, and individuals in Human Services careers are committed to improving the quality of life for people. Career choices include dietitians, cosmetologists, consumer advocates, counselors, social workers, and religious leaders.
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    Information Technology, or IT, has transformed the way the world does business, has boosted workers’ ability to produce, and even changed the forms of global art and culture. Computers are vitally important to America’s present and future prosperity, and the key to our continued leadership in this field is the talented IT specialists who make the "thinking machines" think. If you’ve got top-notch math skills, a mind that locks onto details, and the creativity to devise solutions to any problem, you could have a future in IT.
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    Careers in Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security offer rewarding opportunities and unique positions not available in other industries. Jobs range from protective services such as homeland and computer security, firefighters, and police officers to rescuers, lawyers, judges, and legal assistants. Typically, these types of positions are for outgoing people who can think on their feet and enjoy helping and protecting others. 
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    When it comes to a career in Manufacturing, it doesn’t get much better than South Carolina. Almost 5,000 Manufacturing and Manufacturing-related businesses are in the state in fields ranging from plastics to technology, and pharmaceuticals to automobiles and airplanes. In fact, 97% of all South Carolina’s total merchandise exports are manufactured goods. 
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    Marketing, Sales, and Service is about closing the gap between consumers and what it is they’re looking for. Within the world of Marketing, Sales, and Service are a wide range of jobs that allow individuals not only to use their interpersonal and communication skills, but to help people get what they’re searching for with continued ease. If helping promote a product, selling a service, or working directly with a consumer sounds like something you’re interested in, then a job in Marketing, Sales, and Service could be for you.
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    To boldly go where no one has gone before is the hallmark of human progress and the prevailing spirit in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers. If you’ve got the urge to figure out how things work and advance the frontiers of knowledge, a STEM career might be right for you. These jobs pay well because technological progress is so important to the growth of our economy, to our country’s security, and to the quality of future life on Earth. 
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    Taking the road to a career in Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics is well worth the ride. Doing business in America means moving people, raw materials, and products by road, rail, air, and water. To keep things moving requires millions of workers in supporting industries such as infrastructure planning and management, logistics, and maintenance of vehicles and facilities. The variety of opportunities is dizzying, but to get ahead it helps to have a solid technical background. Individuals from automobile service technicians to airline pilots find their jobs improved and enriched by technical advances.
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