What do I have to order?


    To participate in the graduation ceremony, you must have a cap, a gown, a tassel, and a diploma cover



    Can I borrow a cap and gown from a previous graduate?


    Absolutely! HOWEVER, be careful about the following things:

    • Fit of the robe (Is the person you are borrowing from roughly your same height and weight? You want to make sure it zips and isn’t too short or long!)
    • Tassel (people tend to lose their tassels, so make sure you have one of those as well or order one separately)
    • Diploma cover (you will still have to order a diploma cover--$12.00)



    Do I have to pay online?


    Mrs. Smoak (room 225) and Ms. Dawson (room 228) have some hard copies of brochures and order forms.



    I’m ordering an expensive package. Do I have to pay for it all at once?


    No. You can place an order with a $60 deposit. You must pay the balance of your order by March 1 at the latest to make sure all of your items are delivered with the spring delivery.



    I can’t find where to order a stole. How can I get one?


    Stoles are earned, and therefore have a special order process. Stoles will be sold in the spring. You will have to pay cash and Jostens will have to verify which stole(s) you earned by looking at a list compiled by your counselors. 



    What about honor cords?


    Honor cords are purchased by DFHS and given to students at Senior Celebration in the spring. If we don’t have a Senior Celebration this year, we will find some other way to give you your honor cords.



    When will my order be delivered?


    Some items will be delivered on September 28 at the front of the school from 4:30-6:00. Cap and gown orders will be delivered in the spring.



    Oh no! I thought I ordered a diploma cover, but it’s not in my order!


    Diploma covers are delivered to the school because we hand them to you at the graduation ceremony. Your diploma cover will be “delivered” to you when you walk across the stage! :)



    I can’t remember what I ordered or if I still owe money!


    You can go to RhodesGraduation.com to look up your order and make payments. (Review the ordering video in Google Classroom for more details about where that information can be found on their website)



    Can I decorate my cap? 


    No. All regalia should be treated like a uniform. If you wear a decorated cap, gown, or stole, you will be asked to change.



    Can I wear an honor cord from my dance studio or church or boy scouts?


    No. Again, all regalia should be treated like a uniform. Because this is a Dutch Fork High School graduation ceremony, all regalia should be related to Dutch Fork High School.



    How do I order my stole/cord/etc. for National Honor Society, ROTC, etc.?


    All school clubs/academic organizations handle their own regalia. Check with your club sponsor.