• Art 2-D Design                                                            Semester                                                                                 CMS

    Grade 7

    This course presents the opportunity for students to take multiple art classes in one school year. 2-D Design may be taken by itself or students enrolled in it may also take Art 7 or Honors Art (schedule permitting) simultaneously or within the same year. The projects planned for this course will provide the opportunity to be creative and explore new ideas in a focus area of 2-Dimensional Design (drawing, painting, printmaking, and photography). The basic skills and knowledge students will receive from this course will prepare them for future art classes and hopefully inspire a lifelong interest and appreciation for art. This course, like all other art courses, is based on the Elements and Principles of Art as well as SC standards. Students will be graded based on four major categories, aligned to the SC State Standards: Technical Mastery, Design Resolution, Creative Expression, and Presentation.