•  Leadership Class 2022-23

    Instructor: RWages   rwages@lexrich5.org

    Course description:

    The overall goal of this class is to introduce students to the various characteristics, skills and techniques that leaders embody. Students will have the opportunities to learn about leaders from both the past and present, research and discover what made them a leader in society, all while analyzing and reflecting on those characteristics within themselves. We aim to help students become aware of how they can use their strengths and weaknesses to demonstrate effective leadership within their classrooms, communities, and lives. 

    Materials: Each student is to arrive at class on time with a charged Chromebook.

    Discipline: We follow the District's Internet Acceptable Use Agreement and the District 5 Student Behavior Code, both on the school and district websites. 

    Grading Scale:

    A   90-100

    B   80-89

    C   70-79

    D   60-69

    F    59-Below     

    Major Assignments 40%

    Minor Assignments 35%

    Practice 25%