• BES Physical Education

    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    As your child’s Physical Education teacher, we have the opportunity to teach him/her many of the physical, cognitive, and social skills necessary for a healthy lifestyle.  We are looking forward to a great year in physical education with your child.  We will provide all students experiences in a variety of sports and physical activities. All students will attend Physical Education for 50 minutes per week.


    PE Expectations

    Be Kind

    To other students feelings and personal space

    Respect other students right to learn by not being a disruption to the class

    Listen and follow directions

    Ask questions if you do not understand or need clarification


    Be Respectful

    Respect the teacher by not talking while the teacher is talking

    Follow the safety rules for each activity

    Respect equipment- wait for directions on how and when to use equipment appropriately

    Do not tear it, sit/stand on it, or put it near your face (eyes, nose, mouth)

    Hold or put equipment on the floor quietly during directions

    Do not jump or reach for the basketball nets


    Be your Best

    Follow PE safety rules given for each activity

    Stay on your feet during activity---do not throw yourself on the floor (slide)

    Show positive sportsmanship before, during, and after activities

    Give your personal best effort in ALL warm-ups and activities

    Be a leader in a positive way


    Consequences for not meeting PE Expectations

    1. Verbal Warning  
    2. Safe Space using Spectator Learning Zone
    3. Parent Note and/or Call home
    4. Administrative action


    The dress code in Physical Education suggests that students wear clothing that allows freedom of movement. TO HELP PREVENT ACCIDENTS, STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR TENNIS SHOES!  (NO flip-flops, Crocs,  Boots,  Dress Shoes, or Open-Toed Shoes.) Students will not be allowed to participate in the planned activity unless they are wearing the appropriate clothing and shoes; however, your child may be physically active by walking during the physical activity and doing activities that can be done safely.  


    IF THERE IS ANY MEDICAL REASON YOUR CHILD SHOULD NOT PARTICIPATE IN A QUALITY PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM, WE NEED TO KNOW.  Please write us a note with a brief explanation so we can meet your child's needs: otherwise, your child will be expected to participate in Physical Education class daily.  


    We believe family plays an important part in the total education of children.  This includes setting a good example for daily participation in physical activity. The value of fitness is taught in physical education class, but this concept also needs to be reinforced at home.  Participation in physical activity should not end when the school day is over.  We should be encouraging children to do aerobic activities at least three times a week for 60 minutes a day in addition to physical education class.  


    April Carnes 

    Physical Education Teacher