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Welcome students and parents.  As you know teachers have been asked to provide two weeks of work for students.

In art most classes meet for 50 minutes each week, so I will be providing enough work for 2 classes of 50 min. each for a total of 100 minutes of total work for the two week period.  If you find that your child cannot complete the work provided in the allotted time just do what you can and modify as needed to accomodate for your particular learning needs.

When posted, you will find the work posted on this main page you are viewing right now on the left hand side under the appropriate tab for your grade level assignment.  I will be working on the lessons on 3/16/20 and work should be posted here by Tuesday 3/17/20.  Thank you.





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About the Art Room

The art room is a place for learning.  In the art room our goal is to learn how to work. Without a proper work ethic students are not able to compete in a global marketplace and be a dependable member of society.  A strong work ethic and a passion for ones work is something that we strive for in the art room.  The ability to start a project of any kind and see it all the way to its completion brings with it satisfaction of a job well done.  My greatest hope is that each of my students will become a responsible, productive member of our society.  The number one goal is self-sufficiency.  If a student can think independently using creative thoughts and processes while still working and collaborating as a team with others then they are a success.  I hope that this website inspires and motivates you to live up to your personal best. 


About the Art Teacher:  

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education, USC-Columbia, 1998

Interdisciplinary Master of Arts in Art Education, USC-Columbia, 2000


Graphics Design Specialist

Certified by the State of South Carolina in Art Education, grades K-12

Technology Proficient (updated every 5 years)

20 years teaching experience















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