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    • The Center is a school choice that provides students the opportunity to remain enrolled in their high school and take their major program of study at the Center by attending every other day in the morning or afternoon. The design of the programs enables students to be innovative and creative learners with a goal to become problem solvers and critical thinkers for the future. 

      Students complete a high quality capstone project as required for program completion, and the learning environment expects teachers and students to use their imagination, creation, and innovation abilities to develop potential solutions to problems in all programs as part of completing the program of study. The core belief of the Center is students will become the critical thinkers and problem solvers of the future.

      At the center of the instructional model is teachers will become facilitators of learning, guiding the students to learn through discovery while embracing failure as a means to solving a problem with multiple options being considered. Science theories and concepts are experienced in contextualized learning environments through student-based and project-based projects. Students use math and science to solve real world problems and create solutions beyond normal manufacturing environments and in science labs and classrooms. As teachers become facilitators, the students will become the innovators.

      Students assume ownership of their learning through the projects they develop. The curriculum provides students the opportunities to learn the use of technology to address problems and create solutions, and have the opportunity to learn from mentors, and to hear professionals speak on program topics through the Center Lecture Series.

      The Center provides students a different way to experience learning. Students are able to enjoy learning as they engage in real world problems and creating solutions. Through the students learning experiences, they are able to connect their academic and technical knowledge which creates relevance to their learning. As the result, the students are motivated and become passionate about learning and their field of study. This translates into future success.