• In order to prepare children for our ever changing world,

    it is necessary to provide an atmosphere in which each child can develop his/her potential and to provide numerous opportunities to interact with one another.  We are committed to providing a curriculum that relates to the many needs, learning styles and interests of our children.

    We are dedicated through interaction and discovery to expose children to many opportunities, to utilize their high level thinking strategies, to become real world problem-solvers.  We hope through this, we will develop students who will make the transition to becoming productive citizens by being people who will respect one another's rights, recognize their responsibilities in promoting a strong democratic society, and create an environment that is safe for all.

    We also recognize that in order to develop students who can make a meaningful contribution to society, we, as educators, must provide a curriculum that is interactive, interrelated, and appropriate for our technological world.  We believe that the education of young children is best achieved through a working partnership among the school, the parents, and the community.  We must develop strategic thinkers who can recognize the processes by which they derive solutions to problems.  Once students fully understand and utilize their thinking processes, they will become independent thinkers who will be able to establish goals for themselves and make positive contributions as they enter the twenty-first century.