Temporary Changes to Health Room Procedures in Response to COVID 19.  

    • Each student will be required to conduct a self assessment each day prior to coming to school.  Parent/guardian should notify the school nurse if your student is staying home due to COVID 19 symptoms or has tested positive for COVID 19.  
    • Procedure for dropping off medication for school use will look different this year.  Please contact your school nurse for specific instructions.
    • Procedure for dismissal from the health room will look different this year.  Your school nurse will give you information about this procedure change at time of dismissal.
    • Mass vision and hearing screening is planned for this school year.  However, it may be delayed or cancelled as needed based on mitigation level.  Additional screening information can be found at this link."  Vision and Hearing Screening Information


    District 5 School Health Services offers students, faculty and staff access to health screening, referral and follow-up. School nurses provide assessment of acute illness and chronic condition management during the school day, as well as administer prescribed medication and medical treatments. You may check to see who your child's School Nurse is by clicking the link.




    Joanna Stanek, RN, Supervisor of Nursing Services Joanna Stanek, BSN, RN
    Nursing and Health Services Supervisor
    (803) 476-8258