Car Riders

    • Pull up as far as possible (to the kindergarten playground area or the car directly in front of you) during morning drop off and afternoon pickup. 
    • Do not use your cell phone. Even a small distraction could cause an accident with a child.
    • Make sure to stop completely before dropping off your child. Remind your child not to touch the door handle until the car is at a complete stop.
    • Arrange car seats and other items so that the back passenger-side door is clear. 
    • Use the crosswalk to enter the school if needed.
    • Students should exit on the passenger side of the car.
    • During 7:20-7:50am and 2:40-3:00pm avoid a left turn on Connie Wright Road to help with a safe and continuous flow of traffic.


    Afternoon Car Rider Pickup
    Afternoon car rider pickup requires a River Springs issued car tag. Car tags (with student(s) name and grade(s)) should be visibly displayed on the rear view mirror. If multiple students are riding in one car, a single car tag with names/grades listed is allowed.

    If you need a car tag, please visit the front office. If you do not have a car tag, you will be asked to park and go to the front office to sign out your child.