• In our classroom we have word banks with words that the students learned in Kindergarten.  These are words we often see pop up in books so we refer to them as "PopCorn Words"and use them often in our writing.  We know these words "quick as lightning"!     

    Our Lightning Words:  a, all, am, and, are, at, be, by, can, dad, do, for, go, get, had, has, have, he ,his, her, here, him, I, in, is, if,  it,  like, look, me, my, mom, no, of, on, one, play, ran,   say, said, saw, see, stop, she, that, the, they, this, to, up, was, we, went, what, when, where, will, with, yes, you. 

    Our class members are word detectives! We investigate several words each week.  We will notice long and short vowels, chunks, blends, mini words, and word families. Each week these words are added to our Classroom Word Wall.  Get ready to watch our reading and writing word knowledge GROW!                                           

    Week 1: if, on, got  

    Week 2: play, run, and  

    Week 3: jump, like, you

    Week 4: do, his, love 

    Week 5: in, ran, did

    Week 6: not, she, so

    Week 7:what, be, it

    Week 8: let, saw, of

    Week 9:  but, come, that

    Week 10:  will, he, him

    Week 11:  look, said, fun

    Week 12:  get, her, was

    Week 13:  with, are, as

    Week 14:  for, has, stop

    Week 15:  by, have, hers

    Week 16:  they, say, big

    Week 17:  day, here, this

    Week 18: us, came, from

    Week 19: had, make, just

    Week 20:  one, some, take

    Week 21:  does, put, then

    Week 22:  went, all, don't

    Week 23: must, there, down, find

    Week 24:  how, good, help, I'm

    Week 25:  read, who, away, first

    Week 26:  made, our, again, their

    Week 27:  well, your, about, give

    Week 28:  want, were, know, little

    Week 29:  out, when, after, any

    Week 30:  could, very, ask, friend

    Week 31:  now, over, today, ever

    Week 32:  once, ssoon, time, where

    Week 33: because, new, say, school