6th Grade District Issued Mobile Device Information


     District Issued Mobile Device Parent Orientation Video

    District Issued Mobile Device Student Orientation Video



    PBIS iFive Expectations 6th Grade

    PBIS iFive Expectations 6th Grade  

    Chromebook Reminders:  

    • Find a central location in your home to charge the Chromebook each night. Students should bring their fully charged device to school daily. Chargers remain at home.

    • Playing games on the Chromebook depletes the battery. Please encourage your student not to play games before school as to preserve the battery life for the school day. Students should not play games during school hours.

    • The CIS Tech Desk will be open daily during lunch/recess time.  Devices with issues should be taken to the tech desk as soon as possible.

    • Chromebooks should remain in their case at all times. Your child will keep this same device until the end of 8th grade, so please take precautions to keep the device in working order.

    • We have a filter to block access to unwanted content while our students are on the school wifi network. New sites are being created all the time, so it is impossible for us to block everything. If you hear of a particular site or issue that needs to be addressed, please contact me so I can look into the situation.

    • When students use the device on other wifi networks (public, home, etc) they will not be shielded from inappropriate content.