• Referral for Preschool Screenings

    Speech Therapy services are available for qualifying three and four year olds. If you suspect your child may have a speech/language problem please contact  Betsy McCullough in Special Services at 476-8222 to request a Preschool Referral Packet.


    Recognizing Speech & Language Problems Early

    General Guidelines

    Concern should be expressed when any one of the following conditions exist. It is advised that you consult a speech pathologist if the child:

    • is not talking by the age of 2.
    • has speech that is largely unintelligible after age 3.
    • is leaving off many beginning consonant sounds after age 3.
    • is still not using two- to three-words sentences by age 3.
    • uses mostly vowels in his/her speech.
    • consistently is leaving off word endings after age 5.
    • is embarrassed and disturbed by his speech at any age.
    • is noticeably dysfluent (stutters) after age 4.
    • has a voice that is monotone, too loud, too soft, or of a poor quality that may indicate hearing loss.
    • has a vocal quality that is too low or too high for his/her age and/or gender.
    • consistently sounds as if the child is talking through his/her nose, or as if he/she had a cold.
    • has speech that is abnormal in rhythm, rate, an/or inflection after age 5.