• Why does the term "Special Education" appear on these forms?

    Special education is a term which applies to any form of educational service not automatically provided to every child enrolled in the public school system. These services include a wide range of programs created to meet the needs of students from the most academically gifted students to the most severely physically and mentally disabled students. Specifically defined criteria are used to determine qualification for each special service. State and federal guidelines require the use of multiple forms which reflect the special education status of the involved programs. These forms are used for all programs and may not necessarily be applicable to your child.

    What happens when the Speech Language Evaluation is completed?

    Following the evaluation, we will schedule an "IEP Meeting" to review test results and determine eligibility for Speech and Language Services. Team members  include parents, speech therapist, general education teacher(s), and an administrator. If it is determined that your child qualifies for speech services, with your permission and input, an IEP [Individualized Education Program] is developed. This document is a detailed plan for the specific services your child will receive for the current school year. Once a student is enrolled in Speech, this same team meets annually to review progress and plan for the next school year. In addition, the team can meet at any time during the school year when any member of the team has a concern. 

    Will my child's permanent records reflect special education?

    No. Any information regarding any special education program is not maintained within the student's permanent record.