Art Room Rules, Consequences and Rewards

  • It is important to know the rules in the art room so you can be a safe and productive member of the classroom.


    Here are the art room rules and expectations:

    1.  The art room with remain a safe environment.

    2.  Students will respect themselves and others.

    3.  Students will keep hands feet and objects and hurtful comments to self.

    4.  Students will follow teacher directions.

    5.  Students will take of art supplies and the art room.

    6.  Students will not eat or drink in the art room.


    With all of the art room rules there are consequences that are carried out when the rules are not followed. 

    1.  Verbal warning.

    2.  Chill Zone (think area)/Loss of misused art material.

    3.  Note/Phone call home.

    4.  Office visit.

    *Please note:  If the offense is dangerous or the parent has been contacted and the behavior continues, an office referral can occur without going through all of the conquence steps for the safety and preservation of learning of the student and others in the class.



    There a rewards for having great behavior on a consistent basis in the art room.  Students can earn rewards constantly throughout the year. 

    1.  Verbal Praise.

    2.  Good Note.

    3.  Good Phone Call.

    4.  Music during studio time.

    5.  Small prizes.

    6.  Stickers/bookmarks.

    7.  Special class-specific art reward assignments and studio time.

    8.  Other rewards at teacher's discretion.