• What occurs during an intervention lesson?

     Each lesson is designed for at least 30 minutes and divided into the following parts:

    1. Familiar Reading--10 minutes.  The lesson begins with the children reading a couple of books that are familiar. This provides an opportunity to practice what has been learned.  The reading should sound smooth,  with few errors.  Every other day, a child reads a book that was introduced the day before.  The teacher carefully monitors and records how the reading sounded.  It helps me plan how to proceed or what requires reinforcement. 
    2. Word Work and Writing--10 minutes.  The middle part of the lesson is devoted to word work and writing.  We work with magnetic letters, play games and write charts to teach how words work. This helps with the decoding or the phonics part of reading. We also write about a book that we just read. Sometimes we write together and sometimes the students write independently. The child is expected to say a word slowly,  hearing and recording the sounds he hears as letters.  Some words are practiced so that they can be written quickly.
    3. New Book--10 minutes.  The lesson ends with the reading of a book that is new to the child.  The new book will require the child to pay attention to some new words, a particular feature, or use something to help himself read a difficult part.  The teacher introduces the book and these new elements. Then the child reads it for himself.  The teacher intervenes when necessary,but the child should feel successful, even on this first attempt! We want reading to be fun!

    We learn ALOT in a lesson and 30 Minutes Fly By!