• Helpful Tips for Studying Math Concepts

    1. Review Quizzes and work out problems.
    ***Quizzes are definitely a great reflection of what questions might be like on the test. Your student can re-do problems on the quizzes to make sure they are getting the right answers. Also, make sure your child is completing the ones they missed. This is very important, because they need to determine where their mistake is occurring. I do my best to note where the error occurred on the quiz and/or their work page.

    2. Ask Questions in Class.


    3. Online Textbook Resources

    ***In order to use the online textbook resources, students should open Chrome and find the D5 Bookmarks folder.  Once the folder is opened, students will locate and select the CLEVER app.  Once the Clever app opens, the McGraw Hill app will be their to select.  In addition to the textbook pages, the site offers self-check quizzes, chapter tests, extra practice worksheets for each lesson, video tutorials, and virtual manipulatives.  



    4. Extra help is offered in the mornings from 7:00 - 7:20 am by appointment.  Students can come and check their homework answers. If they get a couple wrong, they can use the personal whiteboards to try it again. I will help them figure out their mistake. In addition, students can work on missed items on quizzes (figuring out their mistake).


    5. Look over your notes.  The math notes are posted to Google Classroom and also sent out in the unit newsletter.


    6. Re-do the quiz and test reviews and make sure you are getting the correct answers given on the KEY.  Some students have found it helps to download/print a blank copy from Google Classroom and re-do.  Then have a person check to see if your answers match Mrs. Antley's key.