keep calm and learn spanish
  • Some ways your child can make the most of his/her experience in Spanish are to:

           ■ listen carefully in class and be comfortable with a little uncertainty

           ■ try to speak only in Spanish in class and teach others outside of class

           ■ read bilingual books from the public library

           ■ play online Spanish games such as

           ■ watch favorite DVDs in Spanish with English subtitles

           ■ go to Hispanic restaurants and events like the Main Street Latin Festival in August 


    Some of the websites we might visit and your child may use for at-home practice:

    1. Great website with lessons on all kinds of topics:

    This site covers many of the topics we go over in class and includes pronunciation practice, interactive questions, games, and cultural information.

    1. Vocabulary Practice website:

    1. Stories in Spanish:

    This site has interactive stories where students can create part of the story or name the characters of the story. There are also activities.


    4. Online Spanish Practice:

    This website is full of activities and puzzles; an excellent link.


    5. Games:

    This site is easy to navigate and has many games that will appeal to elementary students. Some games may require you to become a member in order to play. Check with parents first.


    6. Pronunciation Practice:

    This site has audio pronunciations of the words students are trying to match as they play the game.


    7. Geography Games:

    Identify the countries. The game gives you the name of a country, you have to click the correct country.


    8. Mi Mundo en Palabras:  My world in words

    This site has cartoon stories to teach vocabulary in Spanish.


    9. 123-Teach me Spanish:

    This site has games about vocabulary and holidays.


    10. Online games in Spanish:

    Free online games in Spanish based on vocabulary.


    11. Digital Dialects Games:

    This is a colorful and interactive game site with matching, elimination vocabulary and others.


    12. Timed Games in Spanish:

    This site has many games, most of them are timed and you can post your score on the website. This is a good site for older elementary students.


    13. Interactive Maps to Label

    Learn where the Latin American countries are located in the world.


    Some fun Spanish Apps you can use include:

    Fun Spanish by Study Cat
    Spanish Smash

    Learn Spanish with Lingo Arcade

    Rosetta Stone for Kids