• All proposals for doing research within the District are to be submitted to the Research Committee administered by the Office of Accountability.  Please submit proposals at least twelve weeks prior to the time the study is to be conducted.  Most proposals are reviewed within eight weeks; however, during the district and statewide test administration window and during the summer, proposals are not reviewed. The Research Committee consists of a chair and two other members from the District.  Each committee member independently reviews research proposals with the following criteria in mind:

    ·     The proposed study’s potential benefit to the District

    ·     The soundness of the proposed study’s research design

    ·     The amount of time required of participants

    ·     The number of participants required

    ·     The matter of whether participants should be compensated

    ·     The legal, physical or psychological risks the subjects are exposed to

    ·     The extent to which the participants will be informed about the study

    All participation in research studies is voluntarySchools, principals, teachers and students who do not wish to participate have the right to refuse.  No research may be conducted during statewide testing or during other times as specified by the Research Committee (dates vary from year to year).  The participants of research studies should receive and sign an informed consent form that acquaints them with the study.  Parents of students asked to participate in research studies; and the students themselves when appropriate, should be informed of the following:

    1.    the project’s purpose;

    2.    how the student was selected;

    3.    the procedure to be followed, including an easily understood, precise description of the child’s


    4.    anticipated benefits for general knowledge, the student, and the District;

    5.    possible physical, psychological, legal, or other risk;

    6.    whether students will be personally identifiable and to whom;

    7.    to whom results will be available and for what purpose;

    8.    participants’ or parents’ right to inspect materials before consenting and to withdraw consent at any


    9.    the person to whom inquiries should be addressed before, during, and after the project;

    10.  that the school is neither conducting nor sponsoring the project, if that is the case; and

    11.  the lack of adverse consequences of failure to participate.


    Informed consent forms must also contain the following sentences:

    ·    “I do not wish (my child) to participate” option on the form.

    ·    The school district is neither sponsoring nor conducting this research.

    ·    There is no penalty for not participating.

    ·    Participants may withdraw from the study at any time without penalty.


    Research proposals must contain the following:

    ·    Purpose and basis of the study

    ·    Procedures that will be used in the District:

         ·    Data collection schedule

         ·    Impact on instructional time at the schools, if any

         ·    Selection method for participants/schools

         ·    What participants will be asked to do

         ·    Potential risks and benefits to the participants

         ·    Informed consent form

         ·    Written materials participants receive (e.g., surveys)

    ·    Type of data collected and general overview of how the data is to be used and/or analyzed

    ·    Researcher’s contact information (i.e., daytime phone number, fax number, e-mail address)

    Students working on their thesis/dissertation must submit a summary of their thesis/dissertation proposal, an approval letter from their ethics committee, and a letter of support from their research advisor.  The summary must contain sufficient details regarding the procedures that will be used in the District.  The original thesis/dissertation proposal may also be submitted to the Committee as an appendix.

    All proposals MUST be submitted via email to LZachary@lexrich5.org in Microsoft Word or PDF format. You may also send one paper copy to the address below.

    Lais Zachary, Research Committee Chair Lais Zachary, Ph. D.

    Research Committee Chair
    Office of Accountability
    School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties
    1020 Dutch Fork Road
    Irmo, South Carolina 29063




     If you need further assistance, please contact the Chair of the Research Committee at (803) 476-8193 or atLZachary@lexrich5.org.