-  Applicants must not have more than 4 current points on their license or more than 4 points on their license in the previous 12      months

    -  Applicants must not have had their license suspended in the previous 12 months for a moving violation

    -  Applicants must not be taking Insulin by injection

    -  All Applicants will be administered a pre-employment drug screening and must be able to pass a Department of Transportation    Physical exam

    - Upon your application being approved by our Director of Transportation, applicants must take a 20 hour State bus driving class     and pass a written test

    - Upon completing the FMCSA physical and passing the school bus driver class, applicants must go to the DMV with their physical     card in hand and take 4 written tests.  We will help prepare all applicants for these 4 tests with Study materials and CDL             manuals.  The 4 tests are as follows:

                   1.      General Knowledge Test (50 multiple choice)

                   2.      Air Brake Test (25 multiple choice)

                   3.      Passenger Endorsement Test (20 multiple choice)

                   4.      Federal ‘School Bus’ Endorsement Test (15 multiple choice)

    - Upon passing these 4 tests ($2.50 each), the candidate will be issued a Class ‘B’ Commercial Beginner’s Permit with ‘P’ and ‘S’       endorsements

    - Candidates must bring the new permit to Bob Hare’s office, located in the District Transportation Office in the Dutch Fork bus lot   behind Dutch Fork Middle School

    - Candidates will then be assigned a district driver/trainer and receive the actual ‘Behind The Wheel’ driving training (Min. 20         hours) in preparation for the CDL tests and the State Department of Education bus driving certificate test

    - Upon becoming completely licensed, applicants will meet with Mr. Weissman, our Director of Transportation, to discuss               employment.