• Coordinator of Elementary World Language

    Kathy Stafford, Coordinator of Elementary World Language

    Kathy Stafford


    MISSION: Through an exploratory study of world languages, students will gain a foundation for language learning in order to become familiar with a variety of cultures, thus improving their global awareness and appreciation of diversity. Upon pursuit of an academic or employment track, these building blocks provide the support for a strong future in a global society.
    VISION: The Elementary World Language team will align its curriculum with the South Carolina State Standards by the 2016 academic year. Standardized learning goals will facilitate smooth student transfers within District Five schools. An articulated scope and sequence reflecting the curriculum will also permit monitoring of student progress to reach grade level achievement.

    South Carolina Academic Standards for World Language

    Why Is It Important To Learn A World Language In Elementary School?
    Children who begin studying other languages in Elementary school:
    - develop creative inquiry and critical thinking skills
    - are better at solving complex problems
    - build self-esteem
    - improve overall school performance including higher scores on standardized tests
    - are more likely to develop native-like pronunciation
    - show improvement in the verbal and non-verbal skills that enhance overall school performance
    - take advantage of their brain's natural ability to learn languages "before age 10"
    - allow for alternative ways of expression
    - gain enriched cultural understanding and a broader perspective of the world
    - have a competitive advantage in the work force (more career opportunities)