• Office of Special Services
    Phone: 476-8222
    Fax: 476-8202
    Dr. Angie Slatton, Director of Special Services Director of Special Services
    Angie Slatton, PhD       


    Jinni Friend, Coordinator of Special Services Coordinator of Special Services
    Jinni Friend
    Danielle Yarborough, Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant
    Danielle Yarborough
  • Suspect your child may have a disability? Contact our office at 803-476-8222
    To request a special education preschool screening packet, please call 803-476-8222 or email Laura Meggs at  lmeggs@lexrich5.org 
    To request records, either email spedrecords@lexrich5.org or call 803-476-8225. 
    District 5 Special Transportation phone number 803-476-3254 or 803-476-3255
    Has your student been diagnosed with a concussion? If your child has been diagnosed with a concussion that may impact them at school, please call your school and request a Student Assistance Team (SAT) meeting. The team will meet, with the parent and student, to develop a plan of support.
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    The Department of Special Services provides leadership in the planning and improvement of services for students with disabilities in District Five. This includes supervision and coordinating the district's special education program, related services, psychological services, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.