• Sara Wheeler, Magnet School Program Director

    Sara Wheeler

    Magnet School Program Director


  • Leigh Floyd, Magnet Program Assistant Leigh Floyd

    Program Assistant and Bookkeeper




  • At District Five, we believe that all students can learn, but not every student learns in the same way.  Diversity of talents, interests, learning styles and backgrounds is what makes us a great community of thinkers and problem solvers. 

    District Five has long placed a priority on growing our academic programs through magnet and other offerings.  It's a conscious decision to provide our families with the choices they need to make their students successful in school and in future careers.  "CHOICE" is the term used to describe the opportunities provided to our students.  CHOICE includes the option to select any school in the district that has space available to accommodate additional students or to select a magnet school or magnet program.

    For many years the District has given students and parents the option to request a school outside their attendance zone provided that school has the capacity to accept additional students.  This option continues to be available.

    The District offers the following magnet programs:

    • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Magnet Program at Dutch Fork High School
    • IB (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) at Irmo High School
    • Escolares Academy at Harbison West Elementary School
    • LEAP (Leaphart Engineering Arts Program) at Leaphart Elementary School
    • The Leader in Me at H.E. Corley Elementary School

    In 2013, District Five was awarded a significant federal grant to implement Project ACCESS (Academics + Choice + Careers + Environment = Student Success).  Project ACCESS will expand magnet CHOICE offerings across the district and will give students and families the following options:

    • Dutch Fork Elementary School Academy of Environmental Sciences
    • Seven Oaks Elementary School MEDIA (Mass Communications, Engagement, Digital Media, Interactive Learning, Academics) Magnet
    • Irmo Middle School International Academic Magnet (iAM) 
    • Irmo High School International School for the Arts
    • Spring Hill High School, a Career Pathways Magnet with 5 Focus Academies :
      • Entrepreneurial Academy
      • Engineering Academy
      • Entertainment Academy
      • Environmental Studies Academy
      • Exercise Science Academy

    These options are subject to the established selection process for these schools and programs.  Transportation is not provided to any choice school except Spring Hill High School from a student's zoned high school because Spring Hill does not have an attendance zone.

    Whether you are choosing a non-magnet school that has capacity, one of our existing magnet schools or programs or a new ACCESS magnet school, you can be sure that District Five is a school system where "Every CHOICE is a Great CHOICE."