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    Here at the Academy of Environmental Sciences at Dutch Fork Elementary School we have a unique opportunity to offer a magnet theme that few other schools in the nation have pursued.  Considering the uniqueness of our state (the variety of geographic features: mountains, plains, coast) and South Carolinians pride in our state history and environment, the integration of science and social studies into our school's theme "From the Mountains to the Sea" is a naturally engaging opportunity for our students, parents, and surrounding community.


    As our theme indicates, each grade level will study a different region of South Carolina during an academic year.  By the time students graduate from the Academy of Environmental Sciences at DFES they will be able to: use the scientific process and inquiry skills to solve environmental problems and to effectively communicate results.  They will also be able to infer, interpret, and draw conclusions to support arguments with evidence from conflicting views on environmental issues and much more!


    Magnet Information for Prospective Parents