• School Social Workers Help Students:

    • Access health care
    • Improve school attendance
    • Cope in times of crisis
    • Improve interpersonal relationships
    • Improve problem-solving skills, self-esteem, and self-control

    School Social Workers Help Parents or Caregivers:

    • Participate effectively in their child's education
    • Locate school and community resources such as financial assistance
    • Strengthen parenting skills
    • Understand and meet their child's needs

    School Social Workers Help the School:

    • Understand factors that affect students' success
    • Work effectively with parents and/or caregivers
    • Identify students in crisis
    • Promote a safe environment

    School Social Workers Help the Community:

    • Understand school policies and programs
    • Address local needs and concerns

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    Are you moving around a lot or living with friends or family due to a financial or personal crisis? You may qualify for a special program. Contact your school social worker for more information!