• Family Support

    Using the Parents as Teachers approach, Family Educators assist parents in learning about their children’s development, as well as support parents to ensure that children grow healthy and ready to learn. Family Educators provide support by learning about families’ viewpoints, understanding their needs and wishes and helping to improve their parenting abilities and decision-making skills.

    Family Support typically takes place in the home where a Family Educator focuses on family well-being, child development and parent-child interactions.  Family Educators help equip parents with the skills needed to prepare their children for school.

    An intake process is required to determine eligibility for Family Support services. During your appointment, which typically takes place in your home, a Ready by Five representative will meet with you and ask questions about your family and the resources you use as well as complete your child’s developmental and health screenings.

    Please call Mandy Glowacki, Intake Specialist, at (803) 476-8242 to schedule an appointment.