• District Five Choice and Magnet programs offer a variety of options to families who live in the District Five attendance zone. Students may apply to any school in the district that has space available to accommodate additional students or to apply to a Magnet school or Magnet program.

  • Glossary of Terms


    Magnet Schools in School District Five include schools/programs with a specialized focus or theme that offer unique curricula for students. These visionary and innovative programs are developed to produce graduates with world class knowledge, skills, and life and career characteristics while simultaneously helping schools attract students of diverse backgrounds and academic achievement levels. Most of our magnet schools are lottery-based but some have academic criteria. Acceptance to a magnet school or program allows the student to attend through the final grade level of that school. If the student returns to their zoned school and then wishes to return back to their magnet option, they must wait until the next school year and reapply during the application window.



    Schools Open to Choice include schools in the district that have available space. While the offerings may vary each year, many of the schools in School District Five are open to choice. Each year, an application process and lottery opens for families to apply. Once a student is enrolled in a school open to choice, they do not need to reapply yearly. Acceptance to a School open to Choice allows the student to attend through the final grade level of that school.  If the student returns to their zoned school and then wishes to return back to their choice option, they must wait until the next school year and reapply during the application window.



    School District Five’s Flexible Innovative Virtual Education (FIVE) is the virtual program for Kindergarten through 12th grade students, providing a comprehensive online educational program where they receive rigorous academic instruction and social/emotional guidance provided by our own School District Five educators. This option includes live classroom instruction with School District Five teachers, along with independent work and activities for students.



    Zoned Schools are defined as the school that is aligned to your home address (also referred to as your school of residence).



    Applications to magnet programs/schools and schools open to choice are submitted and seats are offered via lottery for the following school year. Once an application is submitted and the lottery is run, a student may be offered a seat or may remain in the applicant pool. If a student is offered a seat, the parent/guardian must accept the seat for the process to be final. If a student remains in the applicant pool the parent/guardian should monitor their account closely. As seats become available, their account will automatically reflect an offer.


  • General

  • What are the District Five Magnet Schools?

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    Dutch Fork Elementary School (DFES) Academy of Environmental Sciences

    H.E. Corley Elementary School (HECES) Leadership Magnet

    H.E. Corley Elementary School (HECES)Montessori Magnet

    Harbison West Elementary School (HWES) Escolares Academy

    Leaphart Elementary School (LES) STEAM Magnet

    Nursery Road Elementary School (NRES) Arts Magnet

    Seven Oaks Elementary School (SOES) MEDIA Magnet 

    Irmo Middle School (IMS) International Academic Magnet

    Irmo Middle School (IMS) I AM Escolares 

    Dutch Fork High School (DFHS) STEM Magnet Program

    Irmo High School (IHS) International School for the Arts

    Irmo High School (IHS) International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

    Irmo High School (IHS) International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme

    Irmo High School (IHS) This Is Escolares

    Spring Hill High School (SHHS) Career Pathways Magnet

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  • What are the District Five Schools Open to Choice?

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    Harbison West Elementary School (HWES)

    Irmo Elementary School (IES)

    Oak Pointe Elementary School (OPES)

    Piney Woods Elementary (PWES)

    River Springs Elementary School (RSES)

    CrossRoads Intermediate School (CRIS)

    Dutch Fork High School (DFHS)

    FIVE (Flexible Innovative Virtual Education) * available grades subject to change

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  • What District Five schools do not have sufficient capacity to be open to choice?

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    Ballentine Elementary School (BES)

    Chapin Elementary School (CES)

    Lake Murray Elementary School (LMES)

    Chapin Intermediate School (CIS)

    Chapin Middle School (CMS)

    Dutch Fork Middle School (DFMS)

    Chapin High School (CHS)

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  • Is transportation provided for students selecting Choice and Magnet options?

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    Students selecting to attend a choice or magnet option outside of their attendance zone must provide their own transportation. 

    Transportation is provided to the all-choice magnet high school (SHHS) by way of the student’s zoned high school since SHHS does not have an attendance zone.  


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  • What options are available for 4K students?

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    There are several options available for 4K students. Montessori at H.E. Corley is available through the Choice and Magnet lottery. For all other 4K options you may visit the District Five 4K Education Programs page to learn more about our programs.

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  • Program Specific

  • Application Process

  • Selection Process

  • How are students selected for Choice and Magnet programs?

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    Students are selected through a lottery process.  District Five uses a third party online platform (Novus) to conduct a fair, equitable and efficient process. 

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  • Are children of employees applying to Magnet programs given special consideration?

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    No, children of employees are not given special consideration in the lottery process for magnet programs.  If the student is interested in a magnet program, they must apply through the online choice & magnet application and go through the lottery.

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  • Are children of employees applying to a School of Choice given preferential treatment?

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    Provided there is space available and the employee qualifies under the district’s policy for transfers of their child(ren). District Policy JFBA (Intra-District Transfers and Withdrawal) states an employee must be a (.6 - 1.0) FTE; their children may enroll at the employee’s school, the appropriate grade level school in the high school attendance zone (cluster boundary) of the employee’s location or an appropriate grade level en route to the employee’s school.

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  • When will I know if my student has been selected for a Choice & Magnet program?

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    Notifications are sent out via email. For Criteria-based programs, qualification notifications will be sent on Friday, January 20, 2023.  Choice and magnet program selection notifications will be sent on Friday, February 3, 2023.

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