Teacher Technology Proviso

  • Teachers must demonstrate proficiency with technology for these reasons:

    • to ensure South Carolina students receive instruction from technologically proficient educators;
    • to ensure that state money spent on technology is put to good use.

    Districts are responsible for ensuring teacher technology proficiency and must track proficiency according to the following policy:

    • Districts must adopt teacher technology standards that are aligned with ISTE standards
    • Districts must develop a Teacher Professional Development Plan
    • District Standards and Professional Development Plans must be incorporated or tied to the district technology plan.
    • Districts must submit their revised and current technology plan to the Office of Technology.
    • School districts will enter teacher technology proficiency dates via the Professional Certified Staff system validating the fact that the teacher is proficient in technology once every 5 years and prior to their 5 year expiration date.

    Proviso Revision (2016-17)

    1A.21.   (SDE-EIA: XII-E.2. - Certified Staff Technology Proficiency)  To ensure the effective and efficient use of the funding provided by the General Assembly in Part IA, Section 1 XII.E.2 for school technology in the classroom and internet access, the State Department of Education shall approve district technology plans that specifically address and incorporate certified staff technology competency standards and local school districts must require certified staff to demonstrate proficiency in these standards as part of each certified staff's Professional Development plan. District adopted technology proficiency standards and plans should be, at minimum, aligned to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) teacher standards.  Evidence that districts are meeting the requirement is a prerequisite to expenditure of a district's technology funds.