• Technology Integration is a term used to describe effective uses of technology by teachers, media specialists and educators.  When teachers integrate technology into their classroom practice, learners are empowered to be actively engaged in learning.  To get started, find the essential questions, and follow these steps to tie the skills to a content area:

    1. Choose a core area (just one to begin with), e.g., reading, writing, math, science, social studies, etc.

    2.  Decide what technology skill(s) you want to teach or could be best taught in this area.  Checkout OnePlace SC to access ETV Streamline, DISCUS or KnowitAll resources.  If you're looking for something new and exciting, browse the links to the left to explore a variety of FREE Web 2.0 Tools.  Take a look below to view what others are saying are their Web 2.0 favorite tools!

    3.   Choose one lesson, unit or project that could be enhanced using a computer.  Stick with an easy project in an area to which you are comfortable.

    One Place SC

    OnePlaceSC is an educational portal for teachers and students.  Portal includes ETV Streamline, Discovery Streaming, eMedia, Knowitall.org, PBS Kids, PBS Teachers, DISCUS, and Thinkfinity. 


    One Place SC Website view

    Verizon Thinkfinity
    Verizon Thinkfinity offers comprehensive teaching and learning resources created by the most respected organizations in each academic subject and literacy. The easy-to-navigate K-12 resources are grade-specific and are aligned with state standards. Thinkfinity offers a free online community, where you'll find all the tools you need to organize your resources, network with friends and other teachers, and share ideas, plans and advice with others in the education community.