You will need the following supplies for EVERY class :

    •  1/2 inch 3 ring binder (preferably with window)
    •    Essential Elements for Strings book 1   






    •   Instrument and bow
    •   Pencil
    •   Accessories:                                                                                       


    VIOLINS and VIOLAS- shoulder rest -  

                The "Kun" or "Sumi" brands are recommended, and last for years. Shoulder rests help your child achieve proper playing posture, which is crucial for success!


     CELLOS and BASSES - rock stop 

                This disk protects your floor, and helps keep the instrument from slipping out under the player.)


     ALL INSTRUMENTS - Rosin and a soft cloth 

                An old piece of  t-shirt or soft rag works well for wiping off your instrument after use. The cloth will be kept in your case.


    MUSIC STAND is required for home practice and for our district-wide concert in January. (district 5 provides music stands at school).