Chapin Intermediate School
  •   Dear New Strings Parents:                                                       

                Welcome to the CIS Strings Program!  I look forward to meeting your child very soon! I am delighted to be your strings             teacher here at CIS. I am so excited to begin our 2019 orchestra year! 

               The strings program is part of the core curriculum of District 5 of Lexington and Richland counties. Strings Instruction is             available through the twelfth grade. Classes are scheduled during the day and meet every other day on either A or B days.      

                In order to participate and experience success in the program, your child will need an instrument, instruction book, and              related accessories.

          On the first days of school I will measure your child for the correct size instrument.

    • I’ll send home a paper that says “Take this sheet to the music store” with the correct instrument size, a list of accessories, and a list of local music stores. 
    • As soon as students obtain their instrument they may start bringing it to class.
    • Parents have two weekends to procure an instrument before the deadline, September 2.
    • Feel free to email me if you have any further questions!
    • Cellos and basses that are rented for school use ($50 for the whole year) from District 5, if your student takes the bus.

    ·         All cello and bass students also need an instrument at home for practice.


             Studying a musical instrument is an exceptional way to enrich a child’s life.  It is a “hands on” creative experience which             provides many stimulating cognitive benefits such as improved listening, reading and math skills.  I feel very fortunate to have       the opportunity to help your child move forward with their accomplishments! Please contact me if you have any questions or           concerns! I’m looking forward to a wonderful year together.


          Mary H. Hoyt