•  Adult Eduction Students: Continue Learning Online!


    1. Contact your teacher(s) for details

    2. Create a gmail account if you do not already have one and send that gmail address to your teacher

    3. Follow your teachers' instructions for working online


    For more details about distance learning, email swilkins@lexrich5.org or call (803) 476-8230. 


    Also, please visit our Resource Page for additional information to help you during this time of closure.


    We are here for you.  Let us help you reach your goals.







    Lex/Rich 5 Adult Ed



    School District Five

    Adult Education Program



               Mission: To Inspire, Teach and Prepare Students to Reach Personal, Educational & Career Goals.



    Graduation 2019    

    Our Purpose     The Leadership Team is ready to help students create a pathway to success.  Through personalized, comprehensive plans of study, each student is guided toward their personal educational and professional career goals.


    Partnerships     We maintain partnerships with numerous community and service agencies to provide assistance to our students  in accessing additional community and agency resources.


    Approved Education Provider    Lexington/Richland 5 Adult Education is an approved educational provider for the VA/GI Bill, DEW, Vocational Rehabilitation, Columbia Housing Authority, WIA, DSS, Acts Metro, and Goodwill clients.


    Giving Back - Be An Adult Ed Volunteer    The Adult Ed Program always welcomes volunteers for help in tutoring, child development workers, and special education instructional aides. To learn more and/or apply, click the documents and forms tab on the left and select Volunteer Application Form.



Contact Us

  • To Schedule your Registration or for Additional Information, please call 803-476-8230.  

    Pre-registration can begin by clicking here.



    Paula Wright
    Director of Adult Education