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School District Five middle school receives grant from the South Carolina Department of Education

School District Five middle school receives grant from the South Carolina Department of Education

For Immediate Release – June 7, 2019



School District Five middle school receives grant from the South Carolina Department of Education

IRMO – Irmo Middle School has received a 2019-2020 Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA) Preparing College-and Career-Ready Graduates Grant from the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE).


Irmo Middle School, which is an International Magnet School, will receive the grant money totaling $599,864 over the next four years.  The first-year funding cycle will begin on July 1.  The money will be used to expand the Project Soar to Success program.  It will serve a target group of 80 students in grades 6-8.  The program will be provided in an after school program and two summer intersessions with a focus on supporting students to build resilience to effectively handle challenging situations and the impact of stress. 


These supplemental interventions are designed to support students in attaining the skills of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate as follows: students will gain world class knowledge, students will gain world class skills, and students will gain life and career characteristics.


“Being awarded this grant is monumental for the students of Irmo Middle School,” said Principal Cassy Paschal.  “The opportunities that will be provided to our students through an extended school day will be able to meet their individual academic, social and emotional needs on a deeper level.”


The SCDE has set aside a portion of EEDA funds for the Preparing College-and Career-Ready Graduates Competitive Grants to help schools implement evidence-based strategies and/or models specifically designed to address the academic and career development needs of students so that, upon completing high school, these students will be prepared for successful employment, post-secondary study and futures as productive, contributing members of the community.


“The EEDA grant will continue to give students additional support with homework and core content skills,” said Joseph Mansa, Irmo Middle School assistant principal for 8th grade.  “Students benefit from direct instruction from teachers that know them. While the main focus is on academics, our hard working teachers and staff members plan activities and events that build the whole child. The grant creates additional opportunities to collaborate, create, explore, and grow.”


“This funding will allow Irmo Middle School to continue to provide students with afterschool enrichment through academic study,” said School District Five Chief of Instruction Michael Guliano.  “The support they receive through this grant aligns with the mission of the school and district, and helps develop the whole child.”


Irmo Middle School International Academic Magnet serves 885 students and includes the I AM Escolares program, which serves academically talented and gifted students.