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Social Media Rules of Engagement

Lexington-Richland School District Five Social Media Rules of Engagement

The mission of the Lexington-Richland School District Five Facebook page is to inform members of our school district and the public by sharing important information and updates regarding news and events in the district, while also providing a platform for positive, productive and respectful dialogue within our community.

As a part of the Lexington-Richland School District Five social media community, we ask that you acknowledge the following guidelines:

  • For specific inquiries of personal interest or concern, please contact the District Office at (803) 476-8000 or use the direct message feature. A response will be determined as necessary by the School District Five Office of Communications.
  • School District Five is an educational organization. Comments should be appropriate for all ages. Personal issues regarding a staff member, school or the district should be communicated through contacting that person directly, not the Facebook page.
  • School District Five reserves the right to remove any content and language that is deemed as hateful or discriminatory, offensive or violent, and containing personal attacks, threats, abuse and harassment.
  • Solicitation of any kind is prohibited.
  • Abuse of Lexington-Richland School District Five’s Social Media Rules of Engagement, may result in the removal of a post or permanently blocking of an account.