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Benefits FAQs

Question Answer
How do I get an appointment?

Open Enrollment is virtual this year due to COVID 19; but Colonial is offering virtual appointments to easily be made by using the open enrollment link to make that appointment. You can also handle appointments by telephone call with a representative from the Benefits Department or by calling PEBA Insurance directly at 803-737-6800.  


Why do I have to log into MyBenefits, can I not handle changes by paper form?



It is wise to log into both your MyBenefits and Member Access accounts. As a valued state employee of S. C.; these accounts are yours for life to see your insurance plans, view retirement statements, run retirement estimates, update demographics or beneficiary details. If you are still having difficulty, please call us in Benefits so we can assist you.



May I make more than one change in October at a different time?


Please ensure that all your requested changes for October enrollment are completed at one time and know that the last change you make in the month is what is going to happen. Ensure that the change date has all desired corrections that may have been made earlier.  


If I do not have any plans, can I still enroll in the medical spending or dependent daycare accounts through MoneyPlus?



Yes! Those that are full time or benefits eligible, can participate. Please review the Insurance Summary guide for important details such as supporting claims paid with the pre-loaded card, submitting daycare expenses, and how much you may carry over into the new year if you do not spend all that is contributed on the medical spending account.



How can I find the optional life insurance rates?



Here is the link. Note that it goes up every five years, decreases in value at age 70, and goes away at age 75. Term insurance is inexpensive until the older years and is not an estate builder. It's worth double the value if there was a loss of life due to accident vs. illness.


If I want everything to remain the same, what do I have to do?

Not anything if all stays the same; with the exception of medical spending or dependent daycare accounts that have to be enrolled in year-to-year.

Please check your account details to ensure all looks good and compare charges against your paycheck for correct premium amounts. Your paycheck is collecting 1/2 of the monthly premium charged by PEBA.

Review any Colonial plans with them to ensure you understand how they work. You can do this at any time and their customer service number is 800-325-4368.


What medical expenses are approved for the medical spending account?


You can find those linked here