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Youth & Family Services 4K

Davida Price
Coordinator of Youth & Family Services (4K)
Kristin Dashiell
Administrative Assistant

School District Five enjoys a statewide reputation for leadership in the field of early childhood education. The district is strongly committed to meeting the diverse needs of its youngest students and is home to an array of high quality programs serving children from birth through age eight.

In District Five, 4K, classrooms are enriched play-based environments that encourage individual exploration, discovery and hands-on learning!  We focus on the whole child, including their development in language, cognition, literacy, math, social-emotional skills, physical development, art, social studies and science and technology. 

If your child is 4 on or before September 1 of the school year, you are eligible to apply for the 4K needs-based program at your zoned elementary school.  There is no school of choice for the needs-based 4K program.  Additionally, due to lack of funding and space, not every 4 year old that applies is offered a spot in the 4K program.  Therefore, the need for a screening prior to the beginning of the school year (screenings are offered typically in June and July) is required to determine the children that have the greatest academic need.  Those not selected for the 4K program are placed on a waiting list.  If/when openings occur during the course of the school year, you would be contacted.






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