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    What is PBIS?

    PBIS is a proactive concept that focuses on positive, preventive, and productive approaches to school-wide discipline. PBIS is research-based and proven to maximize academic engagement for students.

    The school-wide expectations of Seven Oaks are our 3 B's.

    Be Safe

    Be Responsible

    Be Respectful


     As part of the research-based PBIS process, we do the following when teaching behaviors:


    • Explicitly teach and frequently refer to our school-wide expectations.

    • Provide students with more praise than correction.

    • Talk to students with respect, using a positive tone of voice.

    • Actively engage everyone in the class during instruction.

    • Use pre-correcting, prompting, redirecting, and reteaching.

    • Look for the positive first and provide immediate, frequent, and explicit feedback.


    What does PBIS look like, sound like, and feel like?


    The  matrix is posted throughout all areas of our school building. Teachers model behaviors that show students how to act in the different areas of the building throughout the school day. The specific areas of focus are the hallway/walkway, recess dismissal, theater, restroom, and cafeteria, with reinforcement taught in the classroom.  


    Does PBIS work?


    PBIS takes 3-5 years to fully implement. During the first few years, the PBIS Leadership Team is constantly reviewing data and receiving input from teachers so that adjustments to the program are made as needed.