Phone: 803-476-3082


Degrees and Certifications:

BA Education, University of South Carolina AP Language and Composition, UCLA Extension AP Literature and Composition, UCLA Extension IB CAS: CASIE Rice University, TX IB English I & II: CASIE Atlanta, GA IB English I & II: Rice University GT Gifted and Talented Coastal Carolina

Mrs. Debbie Wellslager

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Phone: 803-476-3082



Classes taught: English 3 HN, English 4 CP, TOK/CAS


Where am I? I am in Room 126: ground floor of the East Wing. I can be found using either my phone number: 803-476-3082, where you will leave a message and I will respond, OR at

Who am I? I am a teacher, wife, mother, dog and cat owner/lover, gardener, artist, reader, and many other things! I teach young people literature, writing, and Theory of Knowledge (how to know what you know), and I report to Irmo High School in Columbia, SC.

Before 2007, I had another career. I worked in Banking, travelling and developing relationships with people around the US. I left that to do something more. Now I teach. I have taught English to Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen, AP, HN, CP, IB, ADV, OGL; no matter what it is called, each class has wonderful, important young people, and each is special. I love English, and have a deeply ingrained respect for the value of communication. I confess to reading (and enjoying) almost anything, and I am a totally non-professional writer. I have a BA in Education, and I am certified to teach Middle or High School English, AP Language, AP Literature, IB English and GT (Gifted & Talented). 

This year I am teaching both English 3 HN & English 4 CP, as well as TOK/CAS! All of which are a treat and a challenge. TOK is new to me; the English courses are like old friends. The past year plus has been difficult for many people and families; to me that means I must give my students my best. Please know that I will be focused on my students' social/emotional needs as well as helping them prepare for graduation and beyond.

What I like most about my job is helping students write. Specifically, I help them organize their writing for clarity and effectiveness in preparation for their adult lives, whether they plan on entering careers straight from high school, beginning "college" in high school, or attending a higher education institution. The bonus is that I get to read and write with and beside them! 

What drives me is that I think about helping my students every day. This means I keep trying to find the best method to connect them to their future learning lives.

If you want to reach me, please send me an email or call. I will respond the same day.

My class syllabi for both English 3 HN & English 4 are under the Syllabi tab. My schedule is included as a tab as well. I use google classroom for each class to communicate with students. In the "Stream" you will find lesson plans and notes. In "Classwork" you will find assignments. Students can - and should - keep on track of class progress even when absent. There is NO delay in information, there should be no delay in completing work.

Parents can get also get updates from the classroom.

I am looking forward to an exciting year working with each of you: students and parents/guardians!