Attendance Policy

  • At DFHS, it is our belief that academic instruction in the classroom setting is paramount for student success. As the first semester of the school year is nearly complete, we’d like to remind both parents and students of the state laws we are required to follow in regard to attendance at the high school level.

    According to the seat time statute, a student is allowed no more that five (5) absences per class for a full credit course, and three (3) absences per class for a ½ credit course. Absences above these maximum levels mean that students will not receive the credit required by law for application to their graduation requirements.

    Student absences may be excused for: illness of the student confirmed by a medical excuse; serious illness or death in the student’s immediate family confirmed by an excuse from a medical facility or copy of an obituary notice; observance of recognized religious holidays of the student’s faith; appearances or appointments due to a court-related matter confirmed by an excuse from a legal official; medical appointments confirmed by a medical excuse; and participation in approved school-related activities. Additionally, seniors are allowed two (2) absences for formal college visits confirmed by an excuse from the college. Juniors are allowed one (1) absence for a college visit.

    Many DFHS students participate in a variety of worthwhile activities outside their school experience. While we commend them for their commitment to these activities and events, we must first and foremost follow the laws of our state for awarding of credits toward graduation. Students who exceed the allowed maximum absences will be required to attend our scheduled attendance make up sessions. There is a $15 fee for each absence to be recovered.