Office of Finance & Operations

  • Division of Financial Services manages the General Fund Budget, the Capital Projects Budget, procurement, accounts payable and school fees.


Contact Finance:

  • Director of Finance Bruce Shealy Bruce Shealy
    Director of Finance

    Phone: (803) 476-8148
    Fax: (803) 476-8237





    Administrative Assistant Carlene Lindler Carlene Lindler

    Administrative Assistant

    Phone: (803) 476-8134
    Fax (803) 476-8237


Contact Accounts Payable

  • Sonya Shealy, Accounts Payable Specialist Sonya Shealy
    Accounts Payable Specialist
    (Vendor letters A-M)
    (803) 476-8171







    Anita Ballington, Accounting Specialist Anita Ballington
    Accounting Specialist


Contact Payroll



    Candy Frick, Accounts Payable Specialist  Candy Frick
    Accounts Payable Specialist
    (Vendor letters N-Z)

    (803) 476-8141


    Linda Jackson, Payroll Specialist I Linda Jackson
    Payroll Specialist I

    (803) 476-8143








    Lisa Fredrick, Payroll Assistant Lisa Fredrick
    Payroll Assistant
    (803) 476-8144