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    The Digital Art and Design program prepares students for many careers in the graphic design field. Skills may be applied in any media; including print design, website design, digital media, product design, packaging, etc.


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    Grade: 10, 11
    Semesters: 2 Credit: 2 

    Prerequisite: Algebra I, Art I, English I


    Coursework will provide a secure foundation for future training in the student's career and will comply with South Carolina competency standards for Digital Art and Design. Students will use industry software and design concepts, principles, and processes to manipulate text and graphics, utilize and output appropriate file formats for Web and print, and meet client expectations.  

    All Students will be required to earn a 10-hour OSHA certification (workplace safety). 

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    Grade: 11, 12
    Semesters: 2 Credit: 2  
    Prerequisite: 70 or higher final grade in Digital Art and Design 1, Teacher recommendation 


    In the second year of Digital Art & Design, coursework will continue to prepare students for careers in the digital art and design fields. Advanced skills will be applied in various media formats; including print design, website design, 3-D design, digital media, product design, packaging, and company branding. The course also includes portfolio development and presentation, along with a focus on job resume application and interview skills. 

     All students will be required to earn an ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) certification in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

    All students completing a two-year program at The Center for Advanced Technical Studies are required to complete a capstone project and participate in a completer celebration. Digital Art and Design students will present their final branding project to a panel of design-industry professionals at the year-end celebration.


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    Visit SC Arts, AV Technology, and Communications Standards for more information.


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