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Image of me in the left (blue shirt) with
Iowa Spaceport America Cup team in 2022.
I was a judge at this event.


My name is Martin Cwiakala (pronounced: ‘Sha-kola’),  and I earned my undergraduate and Doctoral degrees from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. My professional experience includes working as a machine designer, project engineer, engineering manager, software designer, and consultant. I have taught “Computer-Aided Design” at Rutgers University and co-authored the textbook, “Introduction to Programming for Engineers.” In 2002, I made a career change to teach at W. J. Keenan High School in Columbia, SC. There I coached the award-winning Robo-Raiders, Keenan’s FIRST Robotics team. In 2012, I transferred to the “Center for Advanced Technical Studies” in the Lexington Richland 5 District, where I currently teach. Without a doubt, teaching, high school teaching has been the best part of my engineering career.


I have combined the Aerospace Engineering (AE) and Engineering Design and Development (EDD) classes to last a full year. This approach allows students to enter competitions such as the D5 Science Fair and the SC Region II Science Fair. It will also provide more time for students to access experts outside of the classroom, which is a requirement for EDD.


During the first semester, I will be teaching Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)  on A-days. The second Semester will be Principles of Engineering (POE), also on A-days.  Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Design and Development will be on both A and B-days. I look forward to teaching these exciting PLTW classes!


For more information about the PLTW classes see


This year we will be using for all students to access the PLTW curriculum. CANVAS will be used for students to turn in assignments and perform quizzes. 



Article: then click under LIFE & SCIENCE and then read the article “Biography” near the top of the listings. 

  • Below is a link to the "Article Summary form". Complete one form for the biography.
  • Select another article from the website that is at least 1000 words and complete a 2nd Article Summary Questions sheet.



2022 IED Syllabus - Introduction to Engineering Design
2022 AE Syllabus - Aerospace Engineering
2022 EDD Syllabus - Engineering Design and Development


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