• Johnny Cooley



Cooley family picture

    Years Teaching at IMS: 16

    Years Teaching Total: 17

    Degrees: Bachelors in Psychology (USC, Columbia); Secondary Science Certification (Clemson); and a Masters in Education (Southern Weslyan University)


    Certifications: Middle Level Science; Secondary Science; Gifted and Talented; National Board Certified Teacher



  • Room 300


    1 - Intro to STEM (Hybrid semester class)

    2 - Intro to STEM (Hybrid semester class)

    3 - Planning

    4 - Intro to STEM (Hybrid semester class)

    5 - Intro to STEM (F.I.V.E. semeser class)

    6 - STEM 1 (Hybrid year-long class)

    Academic Assistance: I am happy to offer help outside of class time, in the mornings, before school starts.  There are mornings that I will have to serve various duties and may have to attend meetings, so please discuss a date/time with me before-hand so I can ensure that I am there and ready to help you.