Mr. Nicholas Godfrey

Phone: (803) 476-3714


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. History B.S. Business Administration M.Ed. Education Administration

Mr. Nicholas Godfrey

I love teaching social studies, and I have taught every part of social studies, from the beginning of time to current events, but I absolutely love 7th grade World History. 
What I love the most about teaching, though, is the students. We spend an entire class learning about the successes and failures of previous cultures. We connect these past cultures to today's cultures, and try to discover new ways to interpret current events. 7th graders have such a great perspective on the world around them. I am I so excited that I get to be a part of teaching them to fine-tune this perspective, and to learn from their ideas.
I married my wife, Katie, in 2001. She is also a teacher at Gilbert High School. We have a total of four children, with one in high school, one in elementary school, and my twins in preschool. I am surrounded by children all day, and surrounded by children all night. It is quite an adventure, one I never thought I would be taking, but I absolutely love it.