• Name:  Antionette Langley

    Email:  anlangle@lexrich5.org

    Phone Number:  (803) 476-3676

Teacher Name
  • Years Teaching at IMS: 5
    Years Teaching Total: 23


    Master of Education- School Counseling

    Bachelor of  Science - Business Education

    Certifications: Business Education, Secondary Counselor Education


  • 700 Building - Room 804

    2019/2020 Teacher Schedule

    Semester Two 

    1st Period-Fundamentals of Computing 

    2nd Period- Fundamentals of Compuating 

    3rd Period-  Planning

    4th Period- Computers

    5th Period- Planning

    6th Period- Yearbook

    7th - Fundamentals of Computing 




    Extra help/Tutoring Monday- Thursday 7:35 a.m. - 8:05 a.m.