• 2018-2019 Chapin High School School Improvement Council


    Elected Parents: 6

    1. Stacey Bryant, (1st term), Secretary
    2. Troy Crump (2nd term)
    3. Kelly Hurley (1st term)
    4. Terry Macaluso (2nd term), Vice Chair
    5. Christy Todd (2nd Term)
    6. Christopher Watson (1st term)


    Elected Teachers: 3

      1. Alice White (TOY 2018-2019)
      2. Paula Bartholomew
      3. Dr. Debra Whitmore



    Elected Student Reps: 5

    Chloe Wright, (9th grade SIC)

    Sarah Miller, (10th grade SIC)

    Mary Catherine O’Shaughnessey(11th grade SIC)

    Katie Arthur  (12th grade SIC)

    Charlie LaRosa,  (Senior Class Pres), SIC rep

    Chase Haywood, Student Body Pres

    Other Student  Participants

    Conner Weathersbee (9th gr Class Pres)

    Josh Taylor, 10th gr Class Pres

    James Wells, 11th gr Class Pres

    Cole Hodges, Student Body VP


    Appointed Members: 7

    1. Paul Atkerson (4th term)
    2. Susan Baker
    3. Alecia Klauk (2nd Term) We Care
    4. Jondy Loveless (2nd term begin 1/2017)
    5. Lil Mood (4th  term)
    6. Emily Reinhart (3rd term)
    7. John Stickney
    8. Paula Weinspach (3rd term),

    Ex Officio Members:

    Dr. Akil Ross, Principal

    Paula Wright, AP of Instruction

    Ronnie Wessinger, Athletic Director

    Dick Hiller, Assistant Principal

    Melissa Magee, Assistant Principal

    Tom Wise, Assistant Principal

    Scott Stogner, SAIL coordinator

    Lisa Corning, PTSO President

    Annette Patterson, Past SIC Chair

    Katie Prfrommer, Past TOY (2016-2017)

    Kevin Hebert, Past TOY (2015-2016)

    Irene Toe Yong, Past TOY (2014-15)

    ALA Lisa Maylath

    Eagle Club, Tim Slice

    Band Booster, Troy Crump

    Chorus Booster, Wes Walker

    NJROTC Booster, Jay Dixon

    Orchestra Booster, Natalie McCoy

    Linda Donato, ALA Booster

    Alecia Klauk , Executive Director of We Care


    For Informational Purposes Only:


    Class Sponsors:

    Lynn Rennebaum, CMS Contact

    Freshman, Billie Williams

    Jeannette Conti, Junior

    Brantley Brinkley, Senior


    Dr. Ross’s Secretary:

    Cheryl Longshore

    School Resource Officer:

    Deputy Dana Catoe

    Deputy Michael Remia

    SC/SIC Contact:

    Claudia Wolverton, email: wolverto@mailbox.sc.edu


    SC-SIC Resources:





SIC Meeting Information

  • SIC 2017-18 Meeting Dates

    Location:  Media Presentation Room

    Time:  7:30am until 9:00am.

    All these dates will fall on a Wednesday.

    September 20

    October 18  (Court Yard Conference room)

    November 15 (Court Yard Conference room)

    December (No meeting, however members are invited to attend Winter Giving Assembly)

    January 17

    February 21 (normally there is a joint Chapin Cluster SIC meeting held in February during the evening, not sure of date at this time.

    March 21

    April 18

    May 16

    No meeting in June
    Where is the Media Presentation Room?
    Coming into the main building, please go straight back, past the school Seal, past the Guidance office.  Then you will take a left and go to room 227 - the Media Presentation room. We will have signs posted as well.
    Student SIC members are to park in their normally assigned parking spot.:)
    There are limited visitor spots as you come into the main building and they are located to the left of the main building and there will be a sign stating Visitor.  Please do not park in numbered spots.  These are assigned to Faculty and Staff.  If the visitor spots are filled, as you come into the main entrance, make a right, go up the hill and park in the spots closest to Columbia Ave.