School Counseling

  • The school counseling program at Chapin High School focuses on the student. We see each student as an individual with unique needs. The program is designed to address the needs of all students by helping them acquire competency in career planning, interpersonal growth, and educational development. The goal is to enable each student to become a responsible, self-sufficient, productive, contributing member of the community. 

    Students are assigned couselors by last name. Please see below.

  • Director of School Counseling: Teresa Farell 

    Email:    Caseload: T - Z

    School Counselor: Kim Gilbert

    Email:   Caseload: A - Do

    School Counselor: Kim Blanton

    Email:    Caseload: Mi - S

    School Counselor: Allison Deaton

    Email:    Caseload: Ham - Me

    School Counselor: Corey Lombardo

    Email:    Caseload: Dr - Hal

    Career Development Facilitator: Michele Gill-Major

    Email:  Phone: 803-575-5433

  • School Counseling Support Staff


    Angela Broadway - Testing Coordinator   (803) 575-5433


    Tabitha Dorsey - Computer Specialist / Registrar (803) 575-5434


    Katy Gourdin- Records / Transcripts  (803) 575-5456


    Fran Tucker - School Counseling Assistant  (803) 575-5405


    Amy Mills - Social Worker 



    School Counseling Fax Number

    (803) 575-5424