• In addition to the 1718 Syllabus for this course, please be sure to review the 1718 Syllabus Addendum for DFHS/D5.


    Medical Terminology is designed to develop a working knowledge of the language of health professions. Students acquire word-building skills by learning prefixes, suffixes, roots, combining forms, and abbreviations. Utilizing a body systems approach, students will define, interpret, and pronounce medical terms relating to structure and function, pathology, diagnosis, clinical procedures, and pharmacology. Students will use problem-solving techniques to assist in developing an understanding of course concepts. Knowledge of medical terminology enhances students' ability to successfully secure employment or pursue post-secondary education in healthcare. Upon successful completion of the course, students may take the free TAP exam offered at Midlands Technical College to earn exemption credit for AHS 102 - Medical Terminology (3.0 credits).

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